Maid Service

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your messy apartment? Let ACS House and Carpet Cleaning, the best maid services company in all of Pennsylvania state, do the dirty work for you. ACS House and Carpet Cleaning offers the most competitive rates and has proudly served the area for 14 years. We can tailor our services to just what you need, whether it is a full scrub down or a little lighter cleaning, ACS House and Carpet Cleaning is the company for you.

We deliver top notch maid services.ACS House and Carpet Cleaning can take the extra tasks out of life by taking care of those extra chores from your endless to-do list. Dust and inch thick? Shower soap scum out of control? Don’t you worry, our team of maids has been trained and screened. We are able to handle just about any cleaning problem. We offer all of our own cleaning equipment and supplies. We are insured, licensed, and bonded. We can make arrangements to clean while you are away, so that upon returning you are welcomed to a fresh and sparkling home, or you can stay and watch us work. ACS House and Carpet Cleaning takes great pride in the professional service it provides in Pennsylvania¬† and the 14 years it has been working to grow and expand to be the best at providing reliable maid services. We continue to work hard so that you can maximize your free time. We our services include professional window washing.

The news are spreading fast in Pennsylvania about the highly professional crews and service ACS House and Carpet Cleaning has to offer. Don’t waste your time, call us now to book an appointment with one of our maids today! Here at ACS House and Carpet Cleaning we offer the top quality service, the most affordable rates, individual cleaning plans, and have the happiest return clients. Why not join our big family and let ACS House and Carpet Cleaning provide your maid services?